Our services

Audit & Assurance


Together, audit and other assurance services play a fundamental role in the successful management of an organization, particularly when auditors establish effective working relationships based on mutual trust and respect, with key players within a company, including management, non-executive directors and other advisers.

Our clients range from private, entrepreneurial companies at local and international level. Our Clients benefit from:

  • Our unique, integrated structure that allows us to put together cross-border teams under a single partner.
  • Our robust and challenging approach to audit. We do not shy away from face-to-face discussion and challenge on audit issues – we have all the technical processes and procedures clients would expect.
  • Partner-led client service. We do not make a habit of changing your team once it has engaged with you – it is the norm for the partner who starts working with you to stay with you as long as current rotation rules allow.

We also care about our industry. We have long pressed for a debate on audit competition. We believe that companies and their shareholders alike deserve the benefits that increased competition can bring and are committed to playing an active role in shaping its future.

Financial Reporting Advisory

Our technical experts have impressive experience in a wide variety of accounting, financial reporting and narrative reporting matters and can be engaged by organizations in a wide range of industries, by both companies and groups and on both small and large projects.

We have supported numerous technical projects, and have a proven track record in helping our clients to successfully apply new accounting and financial reporting standards, important in today’s fast-changing technical environment.

We can also advise on areas which present ongoing accounting and financial reporting challenges including:

  • group reorganisations;
  • financing structures;
  • capital reductions;
  • pension scheme arrangements; and
  • infrastructure projects.

Fraud Risk management

Our fraud risk management services help you to protect your organization from being a victim of fraud.

Our fraud risk experts can assist you in:

  • Designing and implementing a fraud risk management framework tailored to your precise needs, and
  • Providing guidance and challenge in your response to a suspected fraud

Our experts have developed a clear, logical and proven approach to designing and implementing a fraud risk management framework bespoke to your needs and risk appetite. Our services include fraud risk assessments to identify and address control weaknesses, awareness training for Board and staff, as well as reviewing and designing fraud risk policies and related guidance. We can train your staff on how to respond to fraud concerns as well as undertake a simple fraud health check.

Our services will protect shareholder value, provide assurance to your Audit Committee and senior management team, and raise fraud awareness of your staff. You will be provided with a practical action plan and fraud risk map to strengthen your control framework.

If you suspect fraud has taken place, we will provide a hands-on approach to guiding you through an internal investigation, as well as identifying areas where internal controls need to be tightened.

Governance, Risk & Internal Control

Sound governance and risk management processes are essential for any business, to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives and long-term sustainability. KSK can provide the specialist staff ‘mix’ to add real value to organizations across all sectors.

Changes in business environments require businesses to understand how their risk profiles change as a result. Suitably defined and applied approaches to risk management, governance and internal control are therefore required for the optimization of sustainable business performance.

An effective system of internal control is central to how an organization responds to the various classes of risk to which it is exposed. Organizations that fail to recognize the need to control risk, safeguard their assets or comply with regulation expose themselves to the following potential failures, each of which can have a significant impact on their ability to operate successfully:

  • Failure to achieve business objectives
  • Material error, loss and/or fraud
  • Breach of relevant laws or regulations
  • Consequential damage to reputation, shareholder value and/or investor confidence

We work closely with senior management to develop practical and pragmatic solutions to often complex issues through our provision of a full range of ‘joined-up’ assurance services, including:

  • Internal audit
  • IT audit
  • Governance reviews (including reviews of board effectiveness and corporate culture)
  • Risk management reviews
  • Compliance reviews (re: regulatory and internal compliance)
  • Review of outsource service providers
  • Business performance improvement and other consulting services

KSK provides a best-in-class technical service and valuable Partner contribution which is a key differentiator of our service to clients. Our objective of meeting the needs of clients’ stakeholders is achieved through tailoring our approach to an organization’s size, complexity and culture. This bespoke approach enables us to forge strong, long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom consider us the go-to firm for the provision of comprehensive assurance services.

Technology & Systems Assurance

Few organizations can avoid the need to understand and manage technology related risks; whether these are from external sources such as the internet, or from sources within the organization. Many organizations find it difficult to objectively assess and manage these risks.

Our Technology & Systems Assurance (TSA) team can provide you with an independent view of the technology risks that you face and the adequacy and effectiveness of the controls you have in place over the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and data. We can also provide you with access to automated assessment tools and comparisons with industry best practice; allowing you to assess how effectively you are managing your IT systems.

Typically, our work is focused on the following areas:

  • ERP advisory services
  • IT governance and management procedures
  • IT based controls in business applications
  • implementations of new systems
  • network security testing
  • IT elements of industry regulation and compliance.

We deal with a wide range of accounting systems, ranging from QuickBooks, Sage to the larger ERP applications such as Oracle and SAP.